UX vs UI, UI experiment & acquisition

62 6 July, 2016


4½ wisdoms in 1 minute.

This week’s articles cover the difference between UX and UI, what it’s like to have your website look like a chat interface and the horrible outcomes of a research on acquisition based growth.

To put the cherry on top, Tom wrote an article about the Brexit referendum and why the ‘opinion of the people’ isn’t the opinion of the people at all.

UX versus UI

Mike Atherton zooms in on UX and UI in this article. “It’s not just making stuff right, but making the right stuff.” He believes products and services only succeed if the value is greater than the pain. Striking quotes and examples included.

10 minute read, found by Tom on medium.com

Why chat bubbles aren’t the future

An eye-opening lesson in UI design. Adrian Zumbrunnen – a design professional at Google – had the courage to transform his traditional website into a conversational website. This change left him facing a lot of technical and social challenges which triggered him to think outside the screen of his smartphone.

14 minute read, found by Nelleke on uxdesign.cc

The love for acquisition is troubling

Patrick Campell – Co-founder and CEO of Price Intelligently – researched the addiction of acquisition based growth in organisations. His staggering results give insight in a problematic increase in acquisition focused organisations. He shows why you shouldn’t focus on acquisition based growth anymore.

9 minute read, found by Tom on priceintelligently.com

A behaviour designer’s look at the Brexit referendum

The Brexit turned into a British nightmare. What triggered this catastrophic event? Tom pleads to ban referenda altogether, because the will of the people is just a lie. A short article about the effect of basic behaviour design principles in the Brexit referendum. (Dutch)

3 minute read on sueamsterdam.com

And we’ve sent this to each other

Vincent was in love with the visuals in this Ted Talk | In this week’s ‘Hipster-fy everything’: mattresses (Dutch) | This new feature would be amazing, please fix it | This Englishman made his own newspaper ad and it’s genius! | Damn, this bull is on fire! | A very interesting UX tool for any website



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