Neuroscience, User Research & Obama's speech

64 1 August, 2016


4½ wisdoms in 1 minute.

The first three wisdoms cover the possible failure of neuroscience, a lesson in User Research and Michelle Obama’s beautifully designed speech.

Furthermore, SUE proudly presents Tom and Jorn’s upcoming adventure in Barcelona.

Neuroscience is crumbling

Anders Eklund – professor at the Linkoping University in Sweden – discovered a failure in the most precious weapon of neuroscience. His discovery could affect over 3.000 studies. But he can’t get any funding to research the affected studies.

5 minute read, found by Tom on

Grow with User Research

You’re not conducting user research the way you should be.” The crucial part of doing business is knowing your customer. Benji Hyam – Co-founder of Grow and Convert – gives a lesson in User Research. A couple of tweaks and learnings to improve your own User Research.
12 minute read, found by Jorn on

Michelle plays with behaviour

Michelle Obama was tremendous on the opening day of the Democratic National Convention. She activated the audience with a strong rhetorical speech. Other speakers were vanquished by her emotional references, multiple presentation techniques and sneaky stabs to Donald Trump.

3 minute read, found by Nelleke on

SUE goes international

Our behaviour design animals, Tom and Jorn, will travel to Barcelona in October. They will present their skills and knowledge among other big names at The Service Design Days. This event organizes workshops in design thinking, human-centric innovation and more. It’s the perfect excuse for a getaway paid by your employer. And we have a bonus, a voucher (SUE@SDD2016) which gives you a 20% discount on the 2-day pass. Will we see you there?

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And we’ve sent this to each other

Such a beautiful and clean concept | Touched by his presentation, what a great man! | Bye bye annoying interface | You want to be a superhuman after seeing the video | Light up! We want to draw with this | Only watch it on your mobile device


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