App addiction, hospital hygiene and creativity

59 25 May, 2016


4½ wisdoms in 1 minute.

This week’s articles dive into the tactics apps use to make you addicted and how behavioural researchers got hospital visitors to wash their hands more often. Furthermore, John Cleese shows you how to be more creative in an inspirational interview.

And we introduced the SUE library, a place where all our thoughts, articles, blogposts and ‘downloadables’ come together. Go check it out!

10 ways apps create addiction

There are several ways to hijack your time with technology. Tristan Harris, ex-Google Design Ethicist, reveals the behavioural design tricks companies use in their apps to keep you addicted. Some are on purpose, some are accidents, but they all make you a slave to the app without thinking about it.

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Nudging hygienic behaviour in hospitals

1 in every 10 hospital patients develop an infection during their hospitalisation. This article explains how behavioural designers used nudging tactics to successfully persuade hospital visitors into washing their hands before they visited their loved ones. Thanks to their intervention, they achieved a 62% increase in hand hygiene behaviour.

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How to be creative

It’s not a talent. It’s not correlated with intelligence. It’s an ability to play. To enter in a particular mode: Creativity is the ability to play with ideas just for the sake of enjoyment. It’s an ability to get into the zone. It’s what John Cleese calls the open mode, as opposed to the closed mode we’re in most of the time when we’re at work.

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SUE’s library

New in this newsletter: SUE’s library. We’ve built our own library on the SUE website, filled with life changing blogposts, downloadable presentations about behavioural topics and the newsletter archive.

This week, Tom explains how you can play the power game at an organization. It’s all theatre, built on uncertainty: the bigger the theatre, the bigger the uncertainty. When you understand this, you’ll see attempts of power play everywhere.

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