Wolves change rivers


This 4.33 minute video is simply so fascinating that you shouldn’t miss seeing it. It is about the astonishing phenomenon created by a small pack of wolves in Yellowstone National Park who not only brought back an array of animals in the park but actually changed the course of its rivers. Aside from the fact that we all need to have our dose of nature documentaries from time to time, just to realise how beautiful our planet is and how hard we must try to protect it; this video also made us realise that some seemingly small interventions can have major positive effects. Exactly what we are trying to accomplish here every day at SUE. But it shows again: the animal world is so often ahead of us. We should just go out, observe and learn from it more often. So, put on your hiking boots this weekend and go inhale some proper oxygen. Maybe -if you are lucky- you will have a Snow White experience and some little songbird will land on your shoulder. Or not. Never mind. Nature will do the fairy tale trick on you for itself.

Go see: How wolves change rivers

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