SUE X Boudewijn Bosman


We had the great pleasure to collaborate with Boudewijn Bosman a.k.a. ‘De Tekenmongool’. A very talented young Dutch illustrator who helped us develop the brand identity of our Rob Roulette. We love Boudewijn because he has the ability to create very impactful black and white illustrations using clean lines, but always sprinkled with a great sense of somewhat black humour. We like showing our black side now and then. It helps putting things into perspective in this crazy world. Besides black makes you look slimmer. Nothing wrong with that. Better than hitting the gym several dreadful hours a week. Boudewijn developed the logo, typography, packaging labels and pitch movie of Rob Roulette. The latter (we were waiting to get the opportunity to use this nice word) you can watch below. And don’t forget to take a look at ‘De Tekenmongool’ on Facebook. It will brighten your day. Or blacken it. Well, you get our drift.


‘s-Gravenhekje 1a
1011TG Amsterdam

(+31) 20 223 46 26

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