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We figured we needed an inspirational office if your job is to come up with solutions for problems. But we also like it when things are just not so obvious. So, why not take an old, monumental office to come up with new, innovative ideas? You need contrast to see things more clearly after all! We couldn’t have been happier with where we ended up. It is the former West Indian Company building. It is said that the city of New York was sold in this place. All we know is entrepreneurship still buzzes in the building and exploration is etched in the walls. We love spending our time sitting in between wooden floors and wooden beams. And who are we kidding: how could you ever  go to the work unhappy if it only takes a look up from your computer to see the famous Amsterdam canals. So whether you want to get tattooed (across the street), want to get stoned (just two blocks further up), eat omelettes amongst genuine Amsterdam folk (around the corner), eat in a Michelin star restaurant (10 minutes), see the Red Light District (10 minutes), eat the oysters of Nam Kee (5 minutes), or shop ’till you drop (10 minutes by foot), we are in the dead centre of it all. Things could have been worse. Much worse.


‘s-Gravenhekje 1a
1011TG Amsterdam


(+31) 20 223 46 26

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