If you are just as fascinated as us by human behaviour, you simply have to read the book ‘Nudge’ by Richard Thaler. It is a standard read for everyone who wants to get a deeper human understanding and use it for the common good. Yes: we do often get asked whether behaviour design isn’t actually manipulation. What if it is? The real question should be about the direction of manipulation. As Nudge will show you that true human insight can help people lose weight, eat healthier, build up a pension plan, save money. As the subtitle of Nudge states: improving choices about health, wealth and happiness. Doesn’t sound too bad right? To us the underlying principles guide our creative thinking and really exciting service design & social design ideas have sprung from them. Damn it feels good to be a magical fairy who sprinkles positivism all around instead of being a ruthless selling, bad ad man. Can somebody dust off my halo? Or set my feet firmly back on the ground. That would be fine too.


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