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5.8.98. Beverly Hills, California. Mr Chow's Michael Chow with his actress daughter China Chow

5.8.98. Beverly Hills, California. Mr Chow’s Michael Chow with his actress daughter China Chow

Mr. Chow is owner of Michelin star rated restaurants. He originates from China and in this short video you will – next to his funky glasses – be impressed by his energy, his striving for perfection and his philosophies. But we especially liked it when Mr. Chow – your typical serious, dedicated, talented, hard-working man from China – makes a joke. He can be funny you know! If you were wondering (we all did) who the girl standing behind him in the picture is: she is not who you think (you were thinking what we thought, her being either  1. a gold digger 2. a lady of questionable services 3. both). She is actually his daughter, who is an actress in China. We are sorry Mr. Chow for drawing the wrong conclusions. We know you have very good knife skills, so please forgive us. We don’t want to end up like the Peking Duck in the video. And we love your glasses. We do!

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