Anton Corbijn at C/O Berlin


Some SUE’ers went over to Berlin and visited the Anton Corbijn Retrospective exhibition at C/O Foundation Berlin. Portraying the most stunning black and white photographs which Corbijn has made over the years of well-known bands and singers, writers and thinkers. But also showing photos of himself dressed as the people he normally gets in front of his camera in the series Corbijn 1-2-3-4.

The raw photos are not only fascinating but also reveal the warm relationship the maker has had with his subjects. You feel that the special bond between them has lead to photos that are much more than just portraits. They portray personalities that will be engraved in your memory. As Corbijn said himself “I am always looking for inner beauty and struggle”.

We were especially fascinated by the photo series of the Rollings Stones, Nirvana and Nick Cave. If you get a chance to visit the exhibition, we would highly recommend it. It runs until 31-01-2016. If not, the book is worth purchasing.

Berlin C/O Foundation, Amerika Haus, Hardenbergstrasse 22-24 Berlin.


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