Why our name is SUE

SUE Amsterdam was named after the famous Johnny Cash song “A boy named SUE”. If you don’t know it, you have got to listen to it. As in: listen to the words. Okay, we’ll save you the trouble (spoiler alert): it’s about a boy who is given a girls name by his father. The boy is not happy to say the least (probably had a hard time at cowboy school) and seeks revenge. And then he FIN-AL-LY meets his father. Introducing himself with the famous words: How do you do? My name is SUE! Ready to go in for the kill. His father completely down and out in the losing position explains to the boy it was for his own good that he gave him a girls name: it would help him toughen up. Which he knew the boy was going to need as he wouldn’t have him as a father around. It was a beautiful fatherly gift so to speak (reframing always works). Boy breaks. They do a man-hug thing. And it all ends well. We at SUE simply, truly love interventions that are done for the sake of good and we are a sucker for man-hugs. So, there you go. Our name is SUE. How do you do?


‘s-Gravenhekje 1a
1011TG Amsterdam


(+31) 20 223 46 26

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