SUE in 20 quotes

20 things about SUE you must know

1. Be original, but don’t be obsessed
with originality. We’re in the business to create stuff that works, not stuff that impresses other creatives

2. We’re not in the entertainment business,
but we’re in the business business. Beauty is a means, not an end to itself.

3. We don’t hope
We measure

4. Awareness metrics are utter crap
I am aware of Hitler. But I’m not a Nazi. Have more ambition, with what you measure.

5. Producing crap
takes about as much time and effort as producing stuff that’s good or better.

6. Temper your ego
We’re in the business of helping our clients to score. Never forget that.

7. If you wouldn’t share the idea
with your FB friends, then the idea just isn’t good enough.

8. First, contribute to the success of SUE
and SUE will contribute to yours. The other way around never works.

9. There is no such thing as highly talented people with an ego
In a creative agency, the group is more important than the individual.

10. Agencies don’t make great work,
clients do.

11. Great ideas are born in the intersection between
our know-how and those of our clients. Try to create as many opportunities for intersections.

12. There’s great power in postponing the conclusion.
Postponing a conclusion is creating the space for new ideas to emerge. A bit like in sex.

13. Producers are the real heroes of the agency
Worship them. They get things done.

14. Great ideas require a creative process.
Protect this process, both against yourself, your colleagues and your clients. Sometimes this implies protecting a client from screwing up things. Clients will never blame you for trying to protect the quality of your work.

15. Be tapped into Digital Culture.
The internet is one gigantic ocean of ideas, memes and stories that spread. Make sure you know what gets people excited. It’s the essence of your job.

16. Don’t be modest
Modesty news blows people away. And false modesty is ego in disguise. Be eager.

17. An idea for an idea is not an idea:
Prototype your idea and ask others what they think and feel. Always look for ways to make the idea better.

18. Embrace failure and critics.
It’s really OK to come up with bad ideas. They sometimes form the basis for a brilliant idea.

19. Do everything you can to protect the creative climate:
a great creative process is a jam session. Soloists often ruin a good jam session.

20. We design behaviour
Worship behavioural experts such as persuasion designers, behavioural economists, game designers and analytics ninjas.



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