Ignorance is the new wisdom

The love for dogmatic thinking is real

Marketing and advertising love dogmatic thinking. We are an industry full of little opinions. Our universal truths are based on best practices and as a species we trust the experience of those who have been successful in the past, working for certain brands or winning certain prizes. On the other hand we’ve got youngsters – true, I was one myself – who challenge the established dogmas with new dogmas. According to the last reports, advertising is dead; we should only be doing content marketing. Companies that don’t do content marketing must have a purpose and transform into a conversation company.

A while ago, the Harvard Business Review published a blog post about The Rise of the Digital CMO. In it, the author gave a very pragmatic explanation of the difference between digitally-minded CMO’s and their analogue peers: aggressive experimentation.

What makes digital so captivating is not social media, nor is it websites. It is the unlimited ability to test ideas fast and at a very low cost. Marketing according to Darwin: some mutations die a smooth and quiet death, others survive and spread. What a dream for an agency to work for marketing managers who give every idea and every strategy a chance. Simply test every idea, then validate it or reject it. And evaluate ideas according to their added value to the process.

And yes, you’ll still need excellent creatives for it. Advertising legend Bill Bernbach once wrote: ¨If no one notices your advertising, everything else is academic¨. Today’s marketing managers only need to consider the opposite as well: ¨If you can’t measure the impact, there’s room for a hobby, not for a business.”


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