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Being able to work with the technology doesn't really matter at all

Earlier I talked about the enormous opportunity for creatives to understand more about influencing-technology. The marketing field is gasping for people who can use these tools to do magic, surprising and rebellious things. At the moment the tools of marketing intelligence are only being used by a small group of technologists. They know all about marketing intelligence, but they don’t understand enough about people and creativity to actually make it work.

In this column, I want to take the argument further. I believe that being able to work with the technology doesn’t really matter at all. It’s all about understanding what you have to feed to the marketing technology beast in order to make it outperform your wildest expectations. My favourite hotel is the Michelberger in Berlin. The Michelberger dedicates its attention to creating an experience that immediately makes you feel at home. You don’t feel like a tourist there, but rather a bit of a citizen. As a consequence, the Michelberger has 480 reviews on and an average score of 8.6.

As of its first week after opening, Walter´s restaurant in the East of Amsterdam was immediately jam-packed every night; the popular blog My Little Black Book had written about it. Young people from all over came to this remote corner of the city; the digital review engine was working its magic incredibly fast.

In the past, our job as agencies was to think up ways to use advertising in order to wrap a product or service. Now the product is the ad. The conversation value has to be built into the product itself so that the digital recommendation machine turns out and multiplies the well-founded enthusiasm of users.

And so our role as creatives has changed from devising a creative wrapping in order to attract people’s attention to designing interactions that make people truly happy. Who would like to turn back the clock?

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