Adblockers and Dieselgate are a godsend

In barely two weeks’ time our industry was hit by two meteorites. First there was the noise around Apple, allowing Adblockers to its new news platform. And just when the eye of that storm had passed, Dieselgate happened. For us, advertisers, both events touch upon our deepest existence. The final breakthrough of the Adblocker will make ads completely useless as a business model for digital media. And what Dieselgate lays painfully bare is that brands no longer have the slightest influence on business strategies. The brand is reduced to brand communication and a brand promise. So we are reduced to midgets, calling from the sidelines: ¨guys, don’t do that¨. And in the evening we are nostalgically playing our legendary VW commercials.

Yet, both incidents actually are a godsend for our business. They are the external incentives we have been waiting for. Now we can finally push through the changes that have been much needed for quite a while. Every industry fights with the inability to just let go of existing patterns and practices – while they also feel the desire to change. Those in positions of leadership in advertising and the media today, have got there because they were so good at the execution of the previous business model. The Adblocker is a godsend because the advertisers, media and agencies are now finally pushing to scrap unnecessary ads. In fact this makes everyone happy, since the public has gone blind to them long ago. And here comes the space for creative play within native advertising, a space that until now had been left almost unexplored.

Volkswagen’s Dieselgate is yet another godsend; here’s our chance to stage a coup against the spreadsheet obsessed directors who have taken over the boardrooms of large brands. Dieselgate is what you get when your brand and business are pulled apart.

The world needs Black Sheep, for they help us create our own branding and advertising breakthroughs. I can’t wait for the next one to come.

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